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About Us

Established in 2005, the Japanese Society for Early Mobilization (JSEM) is an organization that disseminates information, carries out educational activities, and undertakes academic research with regard to patient mobilization. Through these activities, we aim to promote and spread mobilization activities, not only contributing to the development of this field but also training human resources with a thorough knowledge of the concept of mobilization, thereby contributing to the health and welfare of people throughout the world.

Hajime Katsukawa, PT, PhD is manager of the Japanese Society of Early Mobilization (JSEM). He previously worked at Nihon University Hospital as a physical therapist. After that, he established JSEM in 2005 and works full-time there. There are 4,100 registered members in JSEM. Hajime developed an educational system/license about early mobilization, with more than 10,000 people per year participating in JSEM education. Hajime also presents educational lectures about early mobilization for more than 400 hours per year. He has conducted an annual conference of JSEM for 6 years. His specialized field is early mobilization for critically ill patients. He published many articles about early mobilization, including a clinical text book read by more than 100,000 people to-date. He was co-organizer of the 1st Asia-Pacific ICU Early Mobilization Conference in Tokyo in 2015 and is co-organizer for the 2nd Conference in Seoul for 2016. (Link: http://www.asia-mobilization-network.org/english/)

Board Chairman Hajime Katsukawa (PT, PhD)